“With breathtaking definition, dramatic black backgrounds, solid Rock of Gibraltar imaging, and ultra sophisticated textural nuance, the Dual Connects are the first all gold interconnects in the world, and represent the "Gold Standard" for high-end metal cables in this price range......" "........ their performance versus cost ratio makes Mt. Everest look like a hill. I have always wondered what solid gold might sound like—it is pure audiophile heaven on earth!”....Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback Online magazine - Issue 23

Sensational new product launch

Dual ConnectDACT is now launching the most significant line of products in the history of the company: Dual Connect, a complete line of enthusiast audio cables. The line includes speaker cables, interconnects, and DIY wires for do-it-yourself equipment building and upgrading.
Patent Pending
Sensational new product launch
Dual Connect high end audio cablesAlthough new on the market Dual Connect has received extraordinary feedback from customers and reviewers like .....” I do think you have made THE BEST cables I ever heard. I'm trying an all DUAL CONNECT environment and the only word I can say is ASTONISHED!!”....
Reviewers are pulling their hair out these days: “How was this possible?”
The first Dual Connect review is available now at Positive Feedback. Don’t miss it!
Extraordinary market feedback for Dual Connect
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Patent Pending on Dual Connect cable design principles.

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Newsletter February 2006