Danish Audio ConnecT. High quality audio parts. Danish Audio ConnecT (DACT) is a manufacturer of High-End Audio Parts for Hi-Fi, A/V and Pro-Audio. DACT products are used by audio and A/V audio equipment manufacturers and by DIY audiophiles throughout the world. DACT audio components include stepped audio attenuators, audio balance controls, audio input selector switches,  2-channel phono stage / RIAA preamplifier modules, 2-channel line stage / linear preamplifier  modules, audio power supplies, and more.

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DACT Newsletter issue 2, September 13th  2001.

Welcome to the second issue of the DACT  Newsletter.

The DACT line of CT2 audio  attenuators has been expanded.
CT2 is now available with 1 deck (mono), 2 decks  (stereo), 4 decks (balanced stereo) and 6 decks (AV audio).
All of the above CT2 versions are available in 10,  20, 50, 100, 250 and 500kOhm.
Following the completion of the CT2 family, the  original CT1 attenuators will gradually be phasing out. See more here.
CT2 is a newer and more compact design than our  original CT1 attenuator. CT1 and CT2 offers same sound and specifications, but  as CT2 has lower manufacturing cost, we are selling CT2 at lower prices than CT1. 

New Application Note using DACT  components
"Build a solid state preamplifier using DACT components". Read the article by Mr. Satoru Kobayashi, published in the AudioXpress Magazine issue July 2001. Mr. Kobayashi’s preamplifier uses the  CT100 phono stage module, CT101 line stage module, CT2 audio attenuator, CT3  input selector switch and CT-knob1 stainless steel knobs. The article is available here as a 1.79MB PDF  file download. The article is very detailed and makes it possible for even less  experienced DIYs to build a complete high-end preamplifier at very reasonable  cost.

New  testimonials on DACT products.
We are frequently receiving feedback from satisfied  customers who want to tell us about their experiences with DACT products.
How about this one, which we received from PaT  MorforD of Island Tube Works, and Pats Tube and Recording Equipment Schematics,  Canada:
....................”These [DACT attenuators] have improved my stereo  system SO MUCH that I can't believe it. Subjectively, about a 30% improvement in  clarity (the headphone amp sees only the selector switch and ONE of the stepped  attenuators...). I have been using both Bournes, and ALPS conductive plastic  pots, as well as home made ladders with discrete regular resistors. They aren't  even remotely CLOSE to these things.”................ Read the rest and more  testimonials here.

Technical article comparing leaded  resistors to Surface Mount resistor.
DACT has just posted a new  article about leaded resistors and the differences between leaded resistors and  Surface Mount resistors. The article shows the electrical equivalent circuit of  real-life resistors and compares leaded resistors to Surface Mount resistors. Read the complete article  here.  

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