March 2004


DACT just made it even easier to be an Audio DIY


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As you have noticed, it has been a while since our previous Newsletter.
Here we are again with new interesting products for the audio DIY community.

CT100 / CT102 review in
DACT's CT100 Phono Stage has once again received a very favourable review. This time it's in The review unit was powered by two DACT CT102 Audio Power Supplies, one per channel. See the original review here.

DACT DIY enclosures

DACT CT-Encl1/alu DIY enclosure


DIY enclosures
From time to time we were asked by customers if we had any suitable enclosures that can be used for housing DACT (or other) DIY electronics. So far we did not. Now they are here: CT-encl1/alu and CT-encl1/black. See here for more info:

8-pole input selector switch
This product is basically a CT3-5-4/wire with an extra deck (meaning it has two decks). The part no. is CT3-5-8/wire.
We do not have specific info available at yet but we already have CT3-5-8/wire in stock. Technical info will be available soon.
CT3-5-8 is like CT3-5-4/wire mainly an audio input selector switch. It still has 5 positions but opposed to CT3-5-4/wire, CT3-5-8/wire has 8 poles. This makes it suitable for Home Theater systems, where it can switch up to 8 channels simultaneously. Another application it may be used for is balance stereo, where it is able to switch both signal and ground.

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