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  Newsletter November 2006

New DACT product - CT2-10k-1/fine

DACT are now launching the new CT2-10k-1/fine stepped attenuator. So far the unit is available in a 10kOhm version. DACT CT2-10k-1/fineCT2-10k-1/fine is built in the same way as our previous mono version of CT2. Sound and specifications are the same but CT2-10k-1/fine has only 0.5dB level change between each step.
The intended applications for CT2-10k-1/fine is as control for fine-tuning levels, for instance as individual channel control control in multi-channel systems, active crossovers, etc.
We have developed some circuit schematics to show typical applications and for customers to use for their active and passive preamplifier designs. See the application examples here.

DACT attenuators

Attenuator data sheet

Application note: Multichannel active and passive preamplifiers

Award for Dual Connect Cables

DACT has been rewarded with the prestigious
 Best of 2006 Award by EnjoyTheMusic.com.Dual-ConnecT The award following an excellent review of our Dual Connect solid gold interconnects in Enjoy The Music, where A. Colin Flood as an example wrote:
“If you can spend $1,090 as easily as $200, definitely get the DACTs.Best of 2006 Award Any of the others are good, solid performers, with no serious anomalies or deficiencies, but the musical qualities of the DACT Dual Connects make them the audiophile's choice in this bunch.”

Click here to read the complete review.
Best of 2006 Awards at Enjoy The Music.

Dual Connect Best of 2006 Award

EnjoyTheMusic.com review of Dual Connect interconnects

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New Loudspeaker Company

Wavecor WF132TU01DACT would like to mention that a new world class speaker manufacturer has emerged. The name of the company is Wavecor Ltd. and they have started manufacturing high quality speaker units at their new factory in China.
We mention about Wavecor because DACT and Wavecor to a certain extend have common shareholders and we have received information that Wavecor speakers will be exclusively targeting high end audio. This means that DACT and Wavecor are catering for the same audience of critical audiophiles.
DACT newsletters will not include Wavecor news in the future as we remain two completely separate companies. This is a one-time announcement.
Go to Wavecor website.
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Wavecor home page

Wavecor Newsletter

Wavecor speaker units

Wavecor OEM speaker system turnkey solutions

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