Danish Audio ConnecT (DACT). Manufacturer of high quality audio parts. Press Release: 8-gang DACT CT2 stepped audio attenuator. Expands the range of DACT products for Home Theater / AV audio. DACT is introducing a line of stepped audio attenuators with 8 decks for 8-channel AV audio applications. To be used by high-end equipment manufacturers and DIYs that want to build their own or upgrade existing equipment.

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Tim, Denmark, July 2002:

Danish Audio ConnecT (DACT) is introducing a new line of 8-channel volume controls to meet the demand from the expected growing market of 7.1 channel Home Theater audio systems.
The targeted customer group is both high-end audio equipment manufacturers and DIYs. Audiophiles will find the new attenuators valuable for either upgrading ready-made 8-channel equipment or building their own active or passive 8-channel preamps.
The new volume controls build on the well-know high-precision stepped audio attenuators from DACT.
The new attenuators have 8 separate decks to allow simultaneously adjusting the volume of eight audio channels.
The 8-gang attenuators feature 24 positions like the other DACT audio attenuators, and same unique specifications like for instance:

-  Bandwidth (10kOhm):


-  Channel matching:


-  THD:


-  Mechanical life, min.:

25,000 cycles

Available resistance are 10, 20, 50, 100, 250 and 500kOhms.
For more specifications we refer to the attenuator pages at the DACT web site.
For larger images of the 8-channel volume control, please visit the DACT photo gallery.

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Above: 8-channel CT2 stepped audio attenuator.

Below: Application example, where an 8-gang CT2 is used together with four of DACT’s CT101 line stages to form an audiophile 8-channel active preamplifier.

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