Servicing the CT100 phono stage.

In order to avoid any defects it is very important that the entire CT100 manual be read before any connections to the board are made, and followed carefully throughout.
Failing to make a proper installation and connection of the CT100 will leave the warranty void.
The CT100 manual is available here

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CT100 is a highly complicated piece of electronics that can only be serviced by the most skillful technicians and should always be returned to DACT in case or any defects.
Repair time may be significant due to the complexity and sensitivity of the CT100 circuitry, and in the end around 10% of returned CT100 boards may never be repaired successfully. Before shipping, a repaired CT100 will be exposed to the same tests as a new board and must meet the same specifications.

Service Procedure
Due to the anticipated repair times of CT100, DACT do not offer a CT100 repair service as such.
Instead we offer to replace your CT100 board by another used board that was repaired previously but 100% checked and confirmed to meet the original specifications.
Unless covered by our usual 12 months warranty there is a nominal fee for the replacement service. Please contact us to check the current fee schedule.
Once agreed upon please return your CT100 board to
          Danish Audio ConnecT A/S
          Skannerupvej 14
          DK-6980 Tim
Please include with the parcel a note saying “Defective CT100 phono stage module returned for servicing. No Commercial Value. Customs value EUR 10
Once we have received your defective CT100 and your payment we will ship your replacement board and e-mail you a shipping advise.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any further questions.