Danish Audio ConnecT. High quality audio parts. AUDIO LINKS. Danish Audio ConnecT (DACT) recommends visiting these links to other Audio Sites.

DACT recommended audio links
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DACT recommends visiting these sites.


Andrea Ciuffoli

Audio Design Guide


Audio Amateur Corporation

AudioXpress magazine, books, and much more


Audio Components B.V., NL

DACT distributor in Benelux


audio extasa

Vintage audio online shop



Professional Audio Links



DACT distributor in Canada


Bocchino Audio

Very high quality audio connectors, and more


Cosmos Hi-Fi

DACT distributor in Spain


Dual Connect

DACT’s label of high-end audio cables. Silver speaker cables, gold interconnects



Music, Audiophile Magazine and much more


Pro Audio Stash

Shure microphones, speaker stands, rack cases & shelves


Soundlabs Group

DACT distributor in Australia


Tang Hill International Ltd.

DACT distributor in Taiwan


Tom Evans Audio Design

High-end amplifiers, DACT customer


Wavecor Ltd.

High-end manufacturer of loudspeakers