Danish Audio ConnecT. High quality audio parts. On these pages you will find application notes describing examples of how to use different DACT High-End Audio Parts. The shown applications are intended to inspire both audio and A/V audio equipment manufacturers and DIY audiophiles. Our application examples include for instance both passive and active preamplifier designs.

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DACT audio application notes

Building multi-channel linear preamplifiers:
Wiring examples of how to build active and passive multi-channel  linear preamplifier using DACT components like the CT101 line stage module, CT2 stepped audio attenuators and our Dual Connect solid gold signal wires. The application note covers both 6-channel and 8-channel passive and active preamplifiers for Home Theater and A/V Audio. The designs feature master volume control and volume controls for individual channel adjustment.

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Build a solid state preamplifier using DACT components:
Read the article by Mr. Satoru Kobayashi brought in AudioXpress Magazine issue July 2001. Mr. Kobayashi’s preamplifier uses the CT100 phono stage module, CT101 line stage module, CT2 audio attenuator, CT3 input selector switch and CT-knob1 stainless steel knobs. 
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Build a solid state preamp using DACT components

Wiring a 2-channel balanced stereo passive volume control:
Suggestion for how to wire a passive volume control for balanced stereo. A DACT stepped audio attenuator with 4 decks is used....

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Build an active, full-featured stereo preamplifier:
Example of how to build an active, full-featured, 2-channel  preamplifier. The components used are the CT100 phono stage module (optional), the CT101 line stage module, a 2-channel DACT stepped audio attenuator, a CT3 input selector switch and a CT4 audio balance control. Besides, some CT-knob stainless steel knobs and DACT shaft extension kits are used..
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Switch for switching between multiple preamp outputs:
Schematics for how to use the CT3 selector switch to build a unit that switches between mulitple preamp outputs.

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Battery powering of DACT preamp modules

Powering with batteries:
Guidelines for using batteries as power supply for DACT preamplifier modules (like CT100 and CT101).

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