Danish Audio ConnecT. High quality audio parts. This page lists the content of the entire DACT web site at http://www.DACT.com. Includes product information like data sheets and manuals. It also includes application notes, technical articles, etc.

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Stepped audio attenuators

Attenuator data sheet

Input selectors

Input selector data sheet

Stepped balance controls


Switch accessories

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Shaft extension kits

Phono stages

CT100 instruction manual

Line stages

CT101 data sheet

CT101 instruction manual

Audio power supplies



DIY speaker parts


Technical articles

Leaded resistors


Surface Mount Devices

Attenuation Curve Calculator

Passive preamps

Switch contact cleaning

Audio grade materials

CT102 vs. batteries

Application notes

Multi-channel active preamp using CT101

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Wiring a balanced stereo passive volume control

Build a full-featured active preamplifier

Solid state preamp using DACT components

Preamp with multiple outputs

Powering by batteries


CT100/CT102  in EnjoyTheMusic.com


CT1 in Hi-Fi World

CT1 in EnjoyTheMusic.com

CT1 in Audio Electronics

CT2 for ASoN

Various DACT products in The Absolute Sound

CT100 phono stage for ACA

6-gang CT2 in Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity



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Kruunuradio custom DACT preamplifier


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