Danish Audio ConnecT (DACT) - News Archive, On these pages, we store all news posted at http://www.DACT.com since March 1, 2001. Besides, the pages contain copies of previous newsletters, press releases, etc. The topics covered are mainly company and product news. However, there are also references to new application notes and new technical information.

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These pages contain copies of the latest Press Releases published by DACT.

Press Release July 2002:
8-channel audio attenuator lineDACT 8-channel stepped audio attenuator

Finnish passive preampCustomer-built passive preamp
Audio DIY from Finland shows details from building his DACT passive preamp. More here.
Contact the designer here.
Finnish DACT passive preamplifier

Son & Image
DACT participates at the Son & Image exhibition, Montreal Canada. More here.

CT100 review for Audiophile Club of Athens
DACT’s CT100 phono stage received a rave review by Mr. Christos Skaloumbakas. Some of the words he wrote were “I have never heard another phono preamplifier, ss or valve what ever the price, sounding even close to this unit.” Read the complete review here.

Audio attenuator for 7.1ch
DACT introduces a new line of 8-channel audio attenuators dedicated for 7.1 ch Home Theater audio. Read more here.

DACT distributor in France
DACT appoints Selectronics as distributor for France

Nelson Audio Phono stage using CT100.
An example of an audio equipment manufacturer that uses DACT components for their high-end components: Nelson Audio’s CT100 Phono Stage. See picture here.

New documentation available on the CT-knob line of solid stainless steel knobs.
DACT is now offering four different sizes of solid stainless steel turning knobs. These knobs are specially designed to match DACT’s high quality audio switches, with their delicate high precision mechanisms. Read more here.

Completion of the DACT line of CT2 stepped audio attenuators.
The DACT CT2 series of attenuators has been expanded and completed. CT2 is now available with 1 deck (mono), 2 decks (stereo), 4 decks (balanced stereo) and 6 decks (AV audio). All of the above CT2 versions are available in 10, 20, 50, 100, 250 and 500kOhm. See also here.

Technical article about leaded resistors.
DACT has just posted a new article about leaded resistors and the differences between leaded resistors and Surface Mount resistors. The article shows the electrical equivalent circuit of real-life resistors and compares  leaded resistors with Surface Mount resistors. Read the complete article here.

DACT attenuator is used in a cost effective reference system at EnjoyTheMusic.com.
In the August 2001 issue of EnjoyTheMusic.com, there was an article called “Cool Audio System on the Cheap” by Steven Rochlin.
 “...... Bottom line, possibly the best stepped audio attenuator out there and will work wonders. Those with existing preamplifiers may want to consider swopping out their current internal volume control attenuator with the DACT.” Read the complete article here.

New application note at www.DACT.com: An easy Solid State Preamplifier.
In the July 2001 issue of the US magazine AudioXpress, there was published an article on how to build a complete active Solid State Preamplifier using all-DACT components. The article was written by Mr. Satoru Kobayashi. Mr. Kobayashi’s article uses DACT CT2 audio attenuator, CT3 input selector switch, CT100 phono stage module and CT101 line stage module.
The article can now be downloaded as a 100% exact reprint from the DACT web site.

Feedback on DACT attenuators from the Professional Audio field.
DACT is gradually gaining recognition in the field of Professional Audio. The latest proof is the feedback that we have received from PaT MorforD of Island Tube Works, and Pats Tube and Recording Equipment Schematics, Canada:
....................”These [DACT attenuators] have improved my stereo system SO MUCH that I can't believe it. Subjectively, about a 30% improvement in clarity (the headphone amp sees only the selector switch and ONE of the stepped attenuators...). I have been using both Bournes, and ALPS conductive plastic pots, as well as home made ladders with discrete regular resistors. They aren't even remotely CLOSE to these things.”................   Read the complete feedback here.

DACT Newsletter issue 1
Review of different DACT products (for instance CT100 phono stage and CT101 line stage) in The Absolute Sound magazine, April/May 2001. Read the complete review here.

New DACT product review: The CT2 stepped audio attenuator
Review of CT2-100k-2 by Stephen Chen for the Audiophile Society of New South Wales, Australia.
....................”was played in the evening, with  the lights out, and the dynamic range was awesome. In the reproduction of  dynamic contrasts, the DACT allowed them to emerge naturally, from a quieter  noise floor, which made the Alps sound etched and forced, in comparison................
Read the complete review here.

Revised and upgraded DACT web site
Visitors at http://www.DACT.com will from today find a site with a new look and with new content. The DACT site is being upgraded gradually. Some new information, that was not available at the “old” site, is published from the first day. This includes details about CT101, and a new DACT Newsletter. As soon as possible, the content of the previous DACT site will be moved to the new site. Gradually, this content will be upgraded to match the quality of the new site. While this upgrading is in process, more completely new content will also be added.
As long as the upgrading process goes on, a complete copy of the old DACT site will be available at http://www.DACT.ws

Audio Balance Control from DACT
DACT is now introducing its new stereo audio balance control, CT4. CT4 is a stepped balance control with 23 positions, one of these being the center position. It is built on the same high quality switching mechanic as our CT1, CT2 and CT3 - with all contacts gold plated. The resistor network is made of non-inductive SMD resistors, same types as used on the DACT attenuators. There is still no detailed data sheet available for CT4. For more information, please contact us here. A few details are available here.

Documentation on the CT101 line stage / linear preamplifier module
DACT’s line stage / linear preamplifier module has been available for some time already. However, we are now offering a complete set of documentation for CT101: A comprehensive data sheet and a very detailed instruction manual. Based on this new information, it should now be possible for even less experienced audio DIYs to build his own hi-end preamplifier at a very reasonable price. Follow this link.

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