High quality audio parts. Danish Audio ConnecT (DACT) is a manufacturer of High-End audio parts for Hi-Fi, A/V and Pro-Audio, used by DIY Audiophiles and audio equipment manufacturers throughout the world: Stepped audio attenuates / volume controls, CT4  audio balance control, CT3 audio input selector switches, CT100 stereo phone stage / RIAA preamplifier module and CT101 stereo line stage / linear preamplifier module.

List of DACT high-end audio components
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Stepped audio attenuators
CT1 - the “original” DACT stepped audio attenuator. Now discontinued and replaced by CT2.
CT2 - updated design based on CT1 - a few components have been designed out, reducing manufacturing costs and size. Still same outstanding sound and specifications. Available with either 1 deck (mono), 2 decks (stereo), 4 decks (balanced stereo), 6 decks (6-channel A/V audio) or 8 decks (8-channel A/V audio). The following resistances are available: 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k, 250k and 500kOhm. Also available in a single deck version with 0.5dB between each position.

Audio input selector switches
CT3 - 4- or 8-pole input selector switch with 2-5 positions (“programmable”). Available with either solder lugs for wires (CT3-5-4/Wire and CT3-5-8/Wire) or for PCB mounting (CT3-5-4/PCB).

Audio balance controls
CT4 - 2-channel balance control available in 25k and 250kOhm.

Switch accessories
Turning knobs - stainless steel knobs for CT2, CT3 and CT4.
CT-conn1 - connection kit for CT2 and CT4. Gold plated terminals. Includes 3 x 30cm (12”) wires with Teflon isolation and individually silverclad copper conductors.
CT-ext1 - shaft extension kit for CT2, CT3, CT4. Available with short shaft extender (CT-ext1/S) or with long shaft extender (CT-ext1/L).


CT100 - phono stage / RIAA preamplifier module. Two channels, dual mono. Excluding power supply and enclosure.
CT101 - line stage / linear preamplifier module. Two channels, dual mono. Excluding power supply, volume control and enclosure.
CT102 - audio power supply module. Switchable between +/-15VDC and +/-20VDC output. Including switch mode mains adapter 100-250VAC.


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