Stepped Balance Controls. Danish Audio ConnecT (DACT) is the manufacturer of the CT4 stepped audio balance control. CT4 uses high-precision, non-inductive SMD resistors and is build on a Swiss-made switch with gold plated contacts. CT4 adjusts the channel balance is steps of 0.25dB. Tracking between the two channels is better than +/- 0.05dB.

DACT CT4 stepped audio balance control
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Number of steps:


Channel balance adjustment range:

+/-3 dB

Channel balance adjustment resolution:

+/-0.25 dB (+/-0.5dB)


0.0001 %

Attenuation accuracy:

+/-0.05 dB

Channel matching:

+/-0.05 dB

Mechanical life, min.:

>25,000 cycles

Contacts and wiper:

Hard-gold plated

High-end sound

Precision balance control with 1/4dB balance adjustment

Non-inductive SMD resistor network

All contacts and connectors gold plated

Download the CT4 Balance Control data sheetClick here to download PDF version (131KB) of this  page

DACT CT4 stepped audio balance control

DACT CT4 balance control adjustment curve

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