Danish Audio ConnecT. DACT high-end preamplifier modules may be powered by batteries. This applies both to the CT100 phono stage module and the CT101 line stage module

Powering with batteries HEADLINE
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Battery-power-schematic04The figure on the right shows how two batteries (any kind) may be wired forming a +/- power supply.
One battery’s negative pole is connected to the other battery’s positive pole. This connection point becomes the zero-voltage leg of the +/- power supply.
The positive and negative supply voltages are then taken from the two remaining connections.
Using batteries as power supplies is a possibility for DACT preamplifier modules. This is because DACT preamplifier modules have limited power consumption.
Makes sure to read the relevant data sheet and instruction manuals for the preamplifier modules before connecting any power supply.
Battery voltages and energy capacity must be determined based on the requirements listed for the preamplifier modules.
Make sure that the preamplifier modules are disconnected while rechargeable batteries are being recharged.