Switch accessories. Danish Audio ConnecT (DACT) is a manufacturer of High-End audio parts - like for instance stepped audio attenuators, stepped balance controls and input selector switches. For optimal use of these switches, DACT offers various accessories like shaft extension kits, knobs, and connector kits. All accessories meet a high quality standard that matches the switches. All materials used are “audio grade”.

DACT switch accessories
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CT-conn1 is a connector kit that makes it easy to connect DACT audio attenuators and audio balance controls.
CT-conn1 consists of a 3-pin header with gold plated contacts. To each of the three contacts, there is attached a 30mm (12”) long wire. The wires are made using copper conductors that are individually silver coated. The outer insulation is made of Teflon.
CT-conn1 is a safe alternative for those who do not like to solder wires directly onto the switch contact or solder the switch directly into a PCB.
Using CT-conn1 makes a good and reliable connection due to the contacts being gold plated. Also, the  CT-conn1 may easily be removed and re-fitted, hence allowing problem-free use of the switch for new applications.


Photo: The connector part of CT-conn1 with wires attached and three encapsulated gold plated contacts for easy and trouble-free use.

DACT connector kit ready to go

Photo: The finished and packed CT-conn1. Please remember that one CT-conn1 is required for each attenuator/balance control deck that you want to connect.

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