Danish Audio ConnecT - PHOTO GALLERY. Danish Audio ConnecT (DACT) is a manufacturer of high quality Audio Parts for Hi-Fi, A/V and Pro-Audio. DACT products are used by audio and A/V audio equipment manufacturers and by DIY audiophiles throughout the world. DACT audio components include stepped audio attenuators, audio balance controls, audio input selector switches,  stereo phono stage / RIAA preamplifier modules, and stereo line stage / linear preamplifier modules.

DACT logo

DACT custom preamp front
Front/top view.

Kruunuradio CT101+attenuator
Close-up of the built-in DACT CT101 line stage. A DACT CT2
attenuator with a Bentaudio motordrive is mounted directly into the CT101 PCB.

Kruunuradio CT100
Close-up of the built-in DACT CT100 phono stage.

DACT custom preamp rear
Rear/top view

Kruunuradio, Finland