Audio Power Supplies. Danish Audio ConnecT (DACT) is the manufacturer of the high-end audio electronics power supply CT102. CT102 is “programmable” for either +/-15VDC or +/-20VDC output. The CT102 Audio Power Supply is designed specifically to be used with DACT’s CT100 Phono Stage Module and CT101 Line Stage Module. CT102 features low dynamic output impedance and extremely wide banded and fast regulation.

DACT CT102 Audio Power Supply
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The vision
At DACT we had the vision to create the ideal power supply for low-comsumption high-end audio electronics circuits. Not only as the perfect partner to power our own preamplifier modules, the CT100 Phono Stage module and the CT101 Line Stage module. We also wanted to offer a new alternative for all the audio DIYs that often are let down in their efforts experimenting with audio circuits, striving for the perfect sound. Until now, only very few good power supply designs were available.
In the past, the choice had been to use either a mains driven power supply, with or without regulation, that usually did not offer very good conditions for high-end audio circuits. The alternative were battery based solutions, of which some made your audio circuits sound better, but were either impractical to use or unreasonably expensive.
Our goal was to make a power supply that

  • Resulted in better sound from high-end audio electronics circuits than most know mains or battery driven designs seen so far.
  • Better measured specifications than most mains or battery driven designs currently available.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Universal - safe and easy to use in any country regardless of mains voltage.

Now the DACT CT102 Audio Power Supply is here. Evaluate for yourself if we have reached the goals!!

High resolution photo (1 MB JPEG)

Key specifications / key features

  • Ready-assmbled module, tested, ready for connecting to audio electronics circuits
  • Includes 100-250VAC mains adapter ready for connecting to the mains
  • Output voltage (customer selectable): +/-15VDC or +/-20VDC
  • Max. output current: 200mA
  • Peak output current: 10A min.
  • Output shortcircuit protected
  • Output impedance:
          0.001ohm at 1kHz
          0.002ohm at 20kHz
          0.006ohm at 100kHz
  • Output noise (IHF A): -126dB
  • PCB dimensions (L x W): 100mm x 90mm (3.54” x 3.94”)
  • Reduced capacitative coupling to the mains by using filtered switch mode mains adapter

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Customer uses CT102 for powering his DIY DAC


  • Power supply for the DACT CT100 Phono Stage Module and the DACT CT101 Line Stage Module
  • Power supply for high-end audio electronics circuits requiring +/-15VDC or +/-20VDC and max. 200mA supply
  • Power supply for DIY constructions
  • Upgrade power supply

How did we obtain this?
One of the important design features of the CT102 Audio Power Supply is it’s triple path regulator design as illustrated in fig. 1.
Concluding that one kind of regulator cannot cover all kinds of supply needs for an audio electronics circuit, we have built three parallel supply paths into CT102:
  • A path that takes care of constant or slow varying current sourcing/sinking. This is the path where the main power is dissipated - the work horse
  • An extremely fast and wide banded regulator circuit that is not able to handle large constant current but able to source/sink current demands varying far beyond the audio frequency range
  • A path where a large amount of energy is store in order to supply extremely large current peaks instantly.

Fig. 2 shows an example of how the three supply paths 1-3 supplement each other in practical applications such as supplying power for a high-end audio electronics circuit:
From time 0 until time T1 a constant current is asked for. In this interval supply path 1 handles the demand.
Between time T1 and T2 the load requires a current that varies with a high frequency. This current variation is supplied by path 2.
Between T2 and T3 the current is again constant and supplied by path 1.
At time T3 there is suddenly a requirement for a large current peak. This will be supplied by path 3.
At time T4 the current demand drop below the upper limit of what path 1 is able to supply, and path 1 takes again over and continues to supply until T6.
At time T6 a sudden change of the current demand occurs. Although the change is not great, path 2 will assist path 1 because the change happens very fast (high-frequency content).
From T6 until T7 the current is again constant and supplied by path 1.
At time T7 a gradual change of the current occurs, but as the change is slow, path 1 is able to follow the demand.
Path 1 continues to supply the required current beyond T8

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When ordering a CT102 Audio Power Supply you will receive a complete CT102 PCB with all components, assembled and tested,  ready for connecting to your circuit. Also included is a switch mode mains adapter ready for connecting to your 100-250VAC mains source.

Contact DACT for more information

CT102 mains adapter

Switch mode mains adapter included with the CT102 module

The switch mode mains adapter that we supply with CT102 is a quality unit made by Friwo, Germany.
Here you may download the PDF version of the mains adapter data sheet (1,029KB)

Comparing with batteries.
We have made a comparison between CT102 and some of the best batteries available. Read here about our findings

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Dear DACT,

Since I no longer feel the need to "improve" my vinyl section (DACT CT102+CT100) I was wondering what the PSU CT102 could do for me in the CD department:

I have a "old" Sony CDP-X777ES which gave me a lot of pleasure in the past.
But this player will not play forever and I don't want to spend K's of EURO's to replace it when he retires

So I bought a DAC evaluation board (AD1853) and connected your CT102...
I used the 777 as CD transport and connected the digital out to the digital in of the DAC:

After one day of playing:
This is not bad at all...(not worse than the 777) so my goal was achieved.

After one week:
WHOW...I know I have never heard a CD player playing music like this!!!
It is impossible to say that the bass or trebles or mids are better, higher, lower or whatever, because for the first time I am listening to music (from CD!) in all its glory...the same way I hear music from my vinyl system. (well pretty close, but anyway I can enjoy music from both systems now)

After one month:

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Well...I think I hit the jackpot.

And the good thing is: It is almost as good with a 150 EURO DVD player!
So I will probably buy in the (not to near) future a good DVD player to replace the 777 when he retires.

I could not resist to put 2,7F MKP caps on the DAC power supply input terminals...this is like going from pentode to triode in my valve amps: MAGIC!

I did some CD mods for some friends on their CD players (super clocks, SACD upgrade module etc.) but none gave the same result as what I did with your PSU and this DAC. (Vacuumstate SACD upgrade module was also very good, fair is fair, but the DACT DAC is even better)

BTW: I had two critical visitors to listen to this CD setup...and they both will order the evaluation board and your CT102 PSU

Dowbload Bill of Materials and connection diagram here (PDF)

Any plans on making a DACT DAC??? could be a hit!
Attached a picture of the setup.

Kind regards,

Tony De Lobelle

See the author’s web site here

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