Build a 2-channel balanced preamplifier, Using Danish Audio ConnecT’s (DACT) high quality line stage / preamplifier module CT101 to build a 2-channel balanced preamplifier. DIY audio friendly. CT101 is ideal as the active line stage in a preamplifier. It is designed to match the DACT stepped attenuators CT1 or CT2, which mounts directly into the CT101 PCB. Combining it with DACT's CT3 input selector switch and CT4 balance control, will make a complete high-end preamplifier at the fraction of the cost of ready-made equivalents.

CT101 linear amplifier datasheet
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CT101 block diagram
CT101 layout drawing and dimensions
CT101 specifications
CT101 connectors

PDF version of the CT101 line stage DatasheetGet PDF version of the CT101 data sheet (227KB)

CT101 is designed specifically for high-end audio. It’s superb sound, compact design, low power consumption, and ability to drive difficult loads, makes it universal for line level audio applications.
Mount a DACT stepped audio attenuator directly in the CT101 PCB, and you have an active high-end preamplifier. (Please observe that CT101 requires an external DC power supply, which is not included).
For a preamplifier with more features, add a DACT CT4 audio balance control and a DACT CT3 audio input selector switch externally to CT101.

  • Wide operating supply range 5V to 100V
  • Large bandwidth, DC to 25 MHz at 0dB gain
  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion 0.0002%
  • Low noise, -115dB at 0dB gain
  • Large channel separation 120dB
  • High slew rate 500V/us
  • Drives difficult loads (output impedance 0.1ohm)
  • Large output voltage swing 14V
  • Close channel matching 0.05dB
  • Compact, dual-mono design
  • Very short signal path
  • Use of low noise SMD metal film resistors
  • Use of SMD decoupling capacitors
  • Very low inductance and stray capacitance
  • Dual on-board voltage regulators for each channel
  • No magnetic parts in the signal path
  • All PCB traces and connectors gold plated
  • User settable gain 0, 6 or 12dB

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CT101 line stage block diagram

Fig. 1. CT101 block diagram

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Fig. 2. CT101 layout drawing and dimensions

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Table 1. CT101 specifications

CT101 linear preamplifier specifications

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Fig. 3. CT101 connectors

CT101 connectors

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Please be very cautious when connecting the CT101 to your audio equipment. CT101 is an active module, and in case of wrong connections or in case of failures, there is a risk of getting up to 14-15V DC offset on the output of CT101. High levels of DC offset may cause damages to power amplifiers, loudspeakers or any other connected equipment. Special attention is required when using DC-coupled power amplifiers.
Before connecting the outputs of CT101, make sure of proper operation and check the DC-voltage at the CT101 outputs. The DC voltage should be no more than a few mVs. In case of any doubt, use a coupling capacitor in series with the CT101 output.

Specifications are subject to change without any further notice. Danish Audio ConnecT does not authorize or warrant the use of any of it’s products in life support devices and/or systems. Danish Audio ConnecT shall not be liable for any damages to connected equipment like amplifiers and loudspeakers. Copyright © 1999-2011, Danish Audio ConnecT A/S, Denmark. All rights reserved.                          http://www.DACT.com

Datasheet - DACT CT101 line stage modulePDF version of the CT101 line stage Datasheet
Get PDF version of this CT101 data sheet (227KB)

Instruction Manual - DACT CT101 line stage modulePDF version of the CT101 line stage Datasheet
Get PDF version of the CT101 instruction manual (341KB)

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