Danish Audio ConnecT. High quality audio parts. High-End Audio Parts for Hi-Fi, A/V and Pro-Audio. DACT products are used by audio and A/V audio equipment manufacturers and by DIY audiophiles throughout the world. DACT audio components include stepped audio attenuators, audio balance controls, audio input selector switches,  stereo phono stage / RIAA preamplifier modules, stereo line stage / linear preamplifier modules and audio power supplies..

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Interconnect Cables

DACT Audio Interconnects


Stepped Audio Attenuators

CT2 Stepped Audio Attenuators


Phono Stage Modules

CT100 Phono Stage Module


Line Stage Modules

CT101 Line Stage Module


Audio Power Supplies

CT102 Audio Power Supply Module


Audio Balance Controls

CT4 Audio Balance Controls


Switch Accessories

Stainless steel knobs

DACT Turning Knobs


Shaft extension kits

Attenuator connector assembly

Switch Connector Kit

High-end Audio Components.

For DIY and for high-end audio equipment manufacturers
Build your own high-end audio equipment at a fraction of the price


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Photos of DIY amplifier using DACT CT2 attenuator at the center of its operation
See the photos here

Review of CT101/CT102 Line Stage Module and Audio Power Supply
By Albert Cheung, Hong Kong and published at Review33.com
Read the review here

Review of CT2 attenuator
By Albert Cheung, Hong Kong and published at Review33.com
Read the review here

Product Review:
Acoustic Imagery preamp “powered” by DACT
AI-preReviewed in the January 2012 edition of the British Hi-Fi News magazine the results came out great. The Acoustic Imagery preamp uses DACT CT101 Line Stage, DACT CT102 Audio Power Supply, DACT CT2 Attenuator and DACT CT3 Selector Switch.

Product Review:
Tom Evans Audio Design ‘The Vibe’ Preamplifier
Using DACT CT2 volume control.
“ . . . . . . . Your ears may not know The Vibe is there, but your wallet certainly will, because $8,500 (or $15,000 if you include the Pulse2) is a moderately serious investment in your sound system. But if you’re after the sheer joy of knowing that you own the world’s ultimate pre-amp, one that will leave you free to concentrate on fine-tuning the other components in your hi-fi system (and positively aid you in selecting other components for it), it’s a very small price to pay. . . . . . . . . .”
Read the complete review here.

New attenuator from DACT:
The CT2-10k-1/fine single channel control with 0.5dB level change between each step. For individual channel control in multi-channel systems, active crossovers, etc.
Read more here.

In my five cable shootout the winner was the DACT Dual Connects because their improved definition of sound really makes you enjoy the music. The musical qualities of the DACT Dual Connects make them the audiophile's choice of the bunch. With solid gold wires and gold plated silver connectors, these cables had more detail and less chest in male vocals... and were the most lifelike with better imaging and a delicacy to the voices. They also have excellent bass extension.” A. Colin Flood, EnjoyTheMusic.com

“With breathtaking definition, dramatic black backgrounds, solid Rock of Gibraltar imaging, and ultra sophisticated textural nuance, the Dual Connects are the first all gold interconnects in the world, and represent the "Gold Standard" for high-end metal cables in this price range.”
. . . . . . . . . “their performance versus cost ratio makes Mt. Everest look like a hill. I have always wondered what solid gold might sound like - it is pure audiophile heaven on earth!”

Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 23


DACT attenuation curve calculator
Download for free the DACT Attenuation Curve Calculator: A useful tool to assist DACT customers and others interested in designing their attenuator / volume control circuit correctly. The ACC is especially useful for calculating passive volume controls (passive preamps).



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Technical knowledge base about audioDACT technical information pagesTECHNICAL INFO

At DACT we use SMD components everywhere practical. Our attenuators use SMD resistors only, and all resistors and capacitors in the signal path of our CT100 and CT101 amplifier modules are SMD types. Read here why.  



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